Anarchy Online Preview

By Reuben Waters -
The sci-fi genre in MMOs is on the verge of some major expansion, with a long list of promising titles set to release later this year. This summer also marks the 8th anniversary of the genre’s first major release, Funcom’s Anarchy Online.  Ten Ton Hammer’s resident sci-fi captain, Reuben “Sardu” Waters, recently took an updated look at AO, making a few pleasant discoveries along the way:

Call it what you will, but having an Advisor of Rubi-Ka offer to help me learn the ropes of the game left a remarkably positive impression. It also reminded me that AO harkens back to a time before hyper bread-crumbing quest chains, when GM run events were common and social bonds glued game communities together to a degree rarely seen in today’s “massively solo-friendly” market.

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