Exclusive Lineage Interview - Reentering the West

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When North American gamers think about Lineage, they typically consider the sequel, Lineage II, before the original game. While millions of Korean players loved the game, people on the other side of the ocean never got to fully enjoy the original title. With their new focus on AAA titles, NCsoft is preparing to really push Lineage towards the North American marketplace. Ten Ton Hammer had the opportunity to sit down with two of the men in charge of pushing the original Lineage to the North American consumer: Yong Take Bae, Lineage Producer and Young Park, Lineage Product Assistant for NCsoft West. We hope you enjoy our conversation!

For the North American market, these are some tremendous steps forward for the game. Revitalizing the product through services and events and making the product more accessible to the current MMO generation is a fundamental step towards making the game more accessible for North American players. For those that aren't familiar with the history of the game, I asked the developers to give some exact details on the initial offerings of the product. "The game went live in Korea in September 1998," Young Park added. "It still has over 100,000 concurrent users in Korea. It generates more revenue than Lineage II and falls just behind Aion. It's a very big phenomenon and it's really a chronicle of the history of the online game. Back in 1999, the game had over 10 million users."

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