Star Trek Online: Different Things for Different People

Posted Mon, Feb 23, 2009 by Sardu

Last week, Ten Ton Hammer had a very special guest for the most recent episode of the Loading… Live Vooncast, the Executive Producer for Star Trek Online, Mr. Craig Zinkievich. Our resident cardboard standee disguised as a sci-fi columnist, Reuben “Sardu” Waters was on hand to soak up the details using a highly advanced form of organic sensory receptors, more commonly known as ears. In his latest column, Sardu takes a closer look at Star Trek Online, and further explores some areas discussed during the live Vooncast:

While I might make it my personal mission to find a way to infest enemy ships with hundreds (or thousands … even millions!) of tribbles, another player might decide to master more traditional methods of space combat. Still others will spend countless hours meticulously attempting to recreate a favorite race seen only in one obscure scene from Voyager. The cool thing about the Star Trek IP and Cryptic’s approach to the MMO is that each of those things is entirely possible. OK, maybe you won’t be able to infest ships with tribbles, but that won’t stop me from trying!


The Undine are back and they’re conflict will be the key focus in Season 9 of STO next month.

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