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Ten Ton Hammer: Doing some fishing or something like that…

Steve: I’ve restrained myself from buying a laptop simply because I’d be scared that I’d come to work and not get anything done.

Ten Ton Hammer: How do you manage WoW and your time?

Steve eventually chose an Undead Rogue as his main WoW character for Wrath of the Lich King.

Steve: When Benjamin Button started, I knew I was going to be really really busy. So at that point, I handed over the guild leadership over to somebody else, and I basically said that I wasn’t going to be consistent enough to be raiding or anything like that.

We’re not necessarily one of the top raiding guilds in the world or anything like that, but we do alright and we try to stay competitive. We have Sartharion and the three drakes to finish in the expansion content and that’s it.

Ten Ton Hammer: Tell me a little bit more about your rogue. I hear that you’re more combat-specced, but I want to know a bit more about the character…

Steve: He’s an undead rogue, and it actually wasn’t my main originally. In the beginning, my main was a hunter and I played with him for a long, long time. Then I moved on to a priest, because our guild was in desperate need of priests for Molten Core and I played with a priest up until Burning Crusade. In the end, I really didn’t like the priest because in the pre-BC era, holy priests couldn’t do anything but heal.

They didn’t have good DPS or anything at all. So by the time BC came out, I had around five or six level 60 characters to choose from. And I had six 70s by the time Lich King came out. I really started playing my rogue right before Burning Crusade and I’ve stuck with him thus far.

Ten Ton Hammer: Do you have any particular achievements that you’re proud of on your rogue or any of your classes?

Steve: Y’know, I keep having to work so I they keep getting their achievements without me. I think my favorite is that I was the first on the server with a blood elf mount. I farmed AV for rep before BC came out and the day BC came out I was an undead rogue on a pink chicken.

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