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Ten Ton Hammer: No server firsts? *laughs*

Steve: No server firsts. I do have two silly achievements to get done before I get my red proto-drake, but I just haven’t had time to do ‘em. [Editor's Note: Since this interview, Steve has successfully earned his red proto-drake.] Everyone else in the guild seems to have it. I’ve been fairly consistent since Benjamin Button wrapped, but who knows how much time I’ll have with the new project coming out.

Ten Ton Hammer: And what’s your new project?

Steve: Tron 2.0

Steve probably wouldn't list "guild leader" on his resume.

Ten Ton Hammer: Awesome. Another big movie for geekdom

Since you were a guild leader for some time, do you think there’s any correlation between being a quality guild leader and a good manager or employee? There’s been a lot of talk about whether having “guild leader” on your resume is something to be proud of or not.

Steve: In general, it might be construed as a little bit nerdy, but if I was the one reading it, I would definitely respect the person. In large raiding guilds, there is a lot of crap to deal with. When I handed off the leadership to the guy that currently has it, I talked to him and asked him if he was sure he wanted that sort of pressure. I told him “there’s 150 people that you’re now essentially their babysitter at times.”

It’s a lot more work than some people give it credit for, and it takes a lot of selfless leadership to deal with.

Would I put it on my resume? Probably not.

Ten Ton Hammer: You’ve got the one thing you really need to have on your resume at this point. You can just put a big O-S-C-A-R on the top, bold and highlighted.

Steve: Those people that run the raiding guilds, I can definitely respect them and in some ways I feel sorry for them.

Ten Ton Hammer: So your guild is just basically working on Sarth 3D now?

Steve: Yeah, he’s the only thing we have left content-wise on the old stuff, but we’re all going to jump into the PTR and try our hand at Ulduar when we get a chance. [Editor's Note: As a quick update, Steve informed Ten Ton Hammer that his guild has successfully downed Sarth+3.]

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