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EVE Online: Wars Are Lost By the Loser - Page 2

Updated Tue, Mar 10, 2009 by The Mittani

In the spy game, when the technology is lacking, outright lying can sometimes close the gap. When we announced BoB's disbanding, I asserted the 'fact' that not only did we have an archive of the BoB director forums, but that we would publish this archive for anyone to see. On February 5th, while being interviewed on EVE Radio I was paired against Dianabolic (a director of KenZoku); I began to read snippets from the 40% of the archive we possessed while live on the air and promised the imminent release of the rest. Yet we delayed; by the morning of the 6th, KenZoku had decided to release the entire forums to the public. They had checked their server records and detected the archiver had 'pulled' every link in their forums, but they evidently did not realize that the bulk of these calls had returned garbage. In order to preempt another public relations disaster, KenZoku's leader, Sir Molle, elected to throw open the doors and let everyone see the BoB forums - in this way, they could at least ensure that Goonswarm wouldn't release a 'doctored' copy of the archive, with altered and incriminating posts fabricated to create a scandal. Not that we would ever do such a dishonorable thing.

Oops. Naturally, the first thing we did was archive the whole thing, in case Sir Molle got cold feet and took it down. As a hilarious addendum, it seems that this was the juncture where KenZoku decided that I was a liar - it was my partial archive which didn't exist, I actually had the full archive, and I was making all this nonsense about the bluff up.
So, the archives remained open for all to see. Suddenly, all the slanderous and denigrating commentary about their allies from the BoB directorate was available for the entire EVE community to dissect and analyze. Most of the entities being slandered weren't allies in the traditional sense of equals working towards a common cause, but rather serfs and vassals who had been paying rent to BoB for years and fighting in something like a colonial militia on their behalf, earning the nickname 'pets'. According to BoB, they were the 'Greater BoB Community'. The revelation of the insulting commentary from BoB caused a storm of controversy on the forums of the 'pets', and many of these pilots privately vowed not to show up to the defense of their disrespectful lord. Even before the war for Delve began in earnest, the support for KenZoku's coalition had been massively undercut.
Two strikes already, and then the war began.

Sovereignty is the ultimate goal of any war in 0.0, and in the Delve campaign the nuances of the Sovereignty system dictated the flow of the war. 'Sovereignty Three' (Sov 3) is the most strategically critical of the four sovereignty levels as it allows a cynosural jammer to be installed, which prevents hostile capital ships from attacking that system unless a tremendous amount of effort is put forth to incapacitate the jammer. Sov 3 can only be reached after four weeks of unbroken control over a system. Capital ships are required to take over a system as only capitals can reliably destroy the control towers that allow an alliance to claim sovereignty, so cyno jammers and Sov 3 have become sine qua non of successful spaceholding alliances.  
The war began on February 4th with the removal of all sovereignty in Delve with the dissolution of the Band of Brothers alliance and subsequent reformation under the banner of KenZoku. The moment of KenZoku's creation (Feb 6th) marked the beginning of the most frenzied four weeks in EVE history; the allied forces had to destroy KenZoku's ability to reach Sovereignty Three in as many systems as possible in their territory before that timer was over, or else KenZoku cyno jammers would begin onlining and the offensive would grind to a shuddering halt. This made the rules for the war clear: KenZoku must fight a delaying action, holding on to as much as possible until March 7th; the allied forces had to beat them in that time, or else. As a corollary, if the allied forces succeeded in seizing KenZoku's territory, they must themselves hold on for an additional four weeks to gain Sov 3 for themselves.

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