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Champions Online's Bill Roper Shares About Nemesis

Posted Wed, Mar 11, 2009 by Savanja

Champions Online is steadily making its way towards release with the development magic of Bill Roper and Cryptic Studios. Things change and as the game progresses, it also evolves as Eurogamer.net found out. They talked with Bill Roper and learned what aspects of Champions Online have been re-worked and dived into the topic of the game's unique Nemesis system that will allow heroes to build their own bad guy.

Eurogamer: You mentioned the Nemesis system - that's something Cryptic wasn't saying much about last year. Can you tell us how that will work?

Bill Roper: Sure. When you get around the mid-game, you have the ability to create your Nemesis... It's built very much out of the same tools that you use to build your hero with, so you go in, design the costume, choose the powers, you choose his minions, choose what his minions use for weaponry, you pick his motivations.

Then you start going on these separate Nemesis missions - you'll start getting ambushed by the minions of your Nemesis, and eventually one of these minions will kind of break down, and say "oh no please don't, I'll tell you I'll you", and you get a clue off him. You go through a whole series of these very Nemesis-specific quests which revolve around the things you put in about your Nemesis, but it's not always the same path that you take, there's multiple story directions that you could be going through.

The first time you go through that, we really spread that through the gameplay so you're at your absolute best by the time you're fighting in the big showdown with your Nemesis. He's really been designed as the biggest solo challenge that we can give you.

Eurogamer: So the Nemesis content will be instanced for you personally - is there a way to interact with other players' Nemeses?

Bill Roper: Oh, that's actually one of the coolest parts, the Nemesis is designed so you can share it. It's actually the very first way of having user-generated content in Champions. If I just happen to be out in the world, the minions are just going to jump me and anybody can see that happening - and when I go into Nemesis showdowns I can certainly invite team-members to go with me.


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