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Runes of Magic: Exclusive End of Beta Interview - Page 2

Updated Fri, Oct 02, 2009 by Cody Bye

 Ten Ton Hammer: Being a free-to-play game, how does Runes of Magic go after hardcore players who are more used to a subscription model?

Sean: I think Runes of Magic is setting a new standard in free-to-play that would reset the expectations of most subscription gamers – maybe even have them evaluate what they are getting for their $10-$15/month. Most people now expect more, and the games that will succeed will meet those expectations.  

I’m sure some of those subscription gamers are looking at what they get for $180/year. We would definitely welcome them into our game. If it’s about money, you could play Runes of Magic without ever purchasing diamonds, since we don’t make you buy anything. I will say that the experience is definitely more fun if you have some diamonds for a good mount and some other extras, but it’s not necessary to have a great time. And, you always have the option to just not play and not be billed for it, which isn’t something most subscription games offer without some sort of fee.

Ten Ton Hammer: Once the game is launched, what can players expect in the near future as far as updates go?

Sean: The team is larger than most US live MMO support teams. We’ve got Runewaker’s creative director and almost the entire team still creating content for the live game. Our goal is to add in incredible amount of content that always makes players wonder why they’re paying for content in other games.

Ten Ton Hammer: We wish you the best of luck with launch, is there anything you want to say to fans and players from the beta?

Sean: We want to make sure the TTH community realizes what a great and unique game this is in the free-to-play market and we’re big fans of TTH. If you ever have suggestions on how we can make the game better, we’re here and we’re listening.


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