DDO Dev Diary: The Art of Shavarath

Posted Thu, Mar 26, 2009 by Savanja

Dungeons and Dragons Online's Art of Shavarath Series has been visiting amazing new places and telling interesting stories regarding their background. In this Dev Diary, we get a glimpse into the art and concept for the Tower of Despair!

One of the most prominent structures in Shavarath is the Tower of Despair, a central gathering place for the devil generals and their legions. As has been previously mentioned, the devils are a proud, hierarchical, and organized race. This structure was designed with that in mind. Its strong well constructed metal exterior has a proud jutting prominence. While we needed to reflect the devil’s personality of rigid control and order, we didn’t want the tower to just be strictly upright. The tower boasts multiple tiers, where, for a devil, occupying a higher level in the tower means having higher rank.

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