A Hero's Guide to LOTRO's Trollshaws

Posted Wed, Apr 01, 2009 by Savanja

The land known as the Trollshaws is a uncivilized place inhabited by foul beasts and unsavory characters. As a mid-level zone, many adventuring players will find themselves playing here so it is a wise idea to learn what you can. A Hero's Guide to the Trollshaws talks about the history of the land and goes into very helpful detail about what you might find if you travel there.

Nestled between the Lone-lands to the west, the Misty Mountains to the east, the Ettenmoors to the north, and Eregion to the south, the Trollshaws have been largely uninhabited by the civilized races and are dotted with ruined fortifications that serve as lairs to some of Middle-earth's most savage beasts. With an eastern border of the River Hoarwell, spanned by the Last Bridge, intersected by the River Bruinen, and closed off by the western impasse of the Misty Mountains, the Trollshaws are an isolated region full of powerful and corrupt monsters that prey upon those bound for Rivendell or Moria.

It is here that Bilbo Baggins came upon the Stone-trolls Tom, Bert, and William, and where Gandalf tricked the latter three into arguing until dawn when the sun came up and returned them to stone. Gandalf discovered his sword Glamdring in this region, the Dwarf Thorin Oakenshield found the blade Orcist, and Bilbo claimed the knife known as Sting. Years later, Aragorn led a company of Hobbits into the Trollshaws to escape the Nazgûl who had attacked and pursued them from Weathertop.

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