Global Agenda Fan Video Contest

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Hi-Rez Studios, creator of the game Global Agenda, is challenging the fanbase to show off their video editing skills and Hi-Rez is willing to reward those who have got the talent! "The Eyes of the World Are Upon YOU!" Contest encourages fans to use the provided materials, or even their own personally owned footage, to create a Global Agenda promotion video. Those who manage to impress the judges with their creations have the chance to win some very nice prizes.

In order to encourage videos to be created, as well as reward the biggest fans, Hi-Rez is running a promotion between now and May 10, 2009. The Studio will be giving out some awards and prizes, as well as special mention on the Global Agenda website, to the makers of those Global Agenda Fan videos that deemed the most cool by a developer selection committee.


* Hi-Rez will be awarding coupons to the Global Agenda T-Shirt and Merchandise Shop to up to 10 different fans that create the videos deemed most compelling between now and midnight EDT on May 10, 2009 (see below for some of the things weÂ’ll be looking for).
* Hi-Rez will give special kudos on the Global Agenda website to the videos deemed:
o Most Humorous
o Best Representation of the Game
o Best 30-second Commercial (the committee will be lenient on the exact time, but generally will be looking for those videos that are most succinct and impactful in a 30?ish second timeframe).
o Best “Produced” (i.e., looks the most polished and professional)
o Most Viral (i.e, has gotten lots of views and has a special “hook” to it).

* The maker of the video we deem “Overall Best” that is submitted before midnight US Eastern Time on May 10, 2009, and that meets all other eligibility requirements, will also receive a $200 gift certificate to

* Hi-Rez will be calling out the best videos on the Global Agenda website and will issue a press release announcing the videos it thinks were most compelling and best promoted the game. The videos will also be promoted on the Hi-Rez Studios YouTube Channel at

* Makers of great fan videos who also meet Hi-RezÂ’s other eligibility and PC requirements will receive priority invitations to the Global Agenda Closed Beta program when it begins, as well as a limited number of top priority keys to give to their friends.

For all the nitty gritty details, materials, and instructions to enter please visit Global Agenda's official forums and good luck to all who enter!

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