Ten Ton Hammer Exclusives – The Week in Review

Posted Fri, Apr 24, 2009 by Sardu

Due to their inherent virtual nature MMOs share little in common with fine cuisine - at least at first glance. Peel back the intricate layers of content, lore and evolving storylines though and you will quickly discover a rich entertainment diet unlike any other. Some titles offer a light sampling sure to please the palette of a vast array of gamers thanks to a more casual approach, as is the case with Free Realms which recently entered open beta. Still others, such as The Chronicles of Spellborn which officially launched for North American audiences this week, will whet the appetites of those gamers who enjoy  a more focused, meaty MMO to chew on, but prefer the “try before you buy” approach not unlike spending a Saturday morning roaming around the local supermarket looking for free samples.

All this talk of food inevitably leads us directly to the jam-packed MMO content buffet that’s prepared lovingly each day by the mighty chefs at the Ten Ton Kitchen of Doom! Each day we whip up a fresh batch of exclusive content for our readers to chew on - no doubt leaving them salivating for the next serving of interviews, editorials, game guides and more! Premium members also get an extra helping of exclusive MMO awesomesauce, so be sure to sign up today!

This Week’s Exclusive Content Menu

Comics: Geeked - "Scrub It Good"
Geeked - "A Simple Wish"
Geeked - "Look, It's A Distraction!"
Contest: LotRO Anniversary Giveaway (be sure to enter by April 30th!)
Dev Diary: Star Wars Galaxies: The Making of Update 8 - Extreme Makeover Hits Player Cities
Editorials: EVE Online: Newbies in Space
Features: Is Lore-Driven PvP the New Face of Sci-Fi MMOs?
The Rigors of Beta Testing: The Past, Present and Future
Out of the Box Cartoon MMO Games
WoW Weekly Report - The Overpull for 4.20.09
WAR Quartermasters: The Future of RvR
Free Realms: Fun New Game or Insidious World Domination Plot?
Images: Exclusive Alganon NPC and Monster Screenshots
Interviews: Exclusive Alganon Class Interview #2 - The Ranger
Exclusive Carbine Studios Game Update Interview with Eric DeMilt
Star Wars: The Old Republic Developer Weighs in on Beta Testing
DC Universe Online VIP Interview - The Devs Answer Your Questions
Podcast: Loading Live #13 - DDO's Kate Paiz on Module 9
Preview: Free Realms Preview: Your Next Guilty Pleasure?
Review: Zygor's Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft Reviewed

The Freshest Game Guides on the 'Net

EVE: Balancing the Books - Mission Guide
Level 1 Mission Guides
LotRO: Your Guide to Playing Sauron's Minion - The Reaver
TCoS: Beginner's Guide to Personal Experience and State Ranks
WoW: Item Enhancement for Hunters
Item Enhancement for Death Knights
Item Enhancement for Paladins
Item Enhancement for Druids
Item Enhancement for Priests
Item Enhancement for Rogues
Item Enhancement for Shamans
Item Enhancement for Mages
Item Enhancement for Warriors

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