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Runes of Magic Reaches 1 Million Registered Users

By Stacy Jones -

Runes of Magic, the free to play MMOG by Frogster Interactive, has reached an astounding one million registered users in only its second month after being launched. The registered users are from North America and Europe, but a Korean and Russian version of the game is being developed. Runes of Magic received some criticism at launch, but strong numbers have shown that this game has proved itself to be popular with many gamers.

Less than one year has passed since Frogster announced Runes of Magic to the European and American audience.

And now, two months after its official launch, there is another reason to celebrate:

One million users in Europe and North America have registered to play Runes of Magic!

And we are still going strong: A Russian and a Korean language version have already been announced and there is more comming soon.

We thank all our players on the European and US servers for helping us achieving this important milestione!

See you in Taborea

Runes of Magic Team

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