VG Pantheon Update Raises Level Cap

Posted Tue, May 19, 2009 by Savanja

Vanguard's latest update is not a typical update! With the addition of the Halls of the Pantheon, some major content is being added including a level cap raise from 50 to 55, a ton of new abilities, and over a thousand new items. Along with the new content there is a whole list of fixes from the major to the minor being put in. What is being included in this update? Check out the highlights below or click here for the full list of update goodies!

Feature Details:

* 200 new quests
* 1000+ new items
* 2 new flying mounts
* Choose your alignment and reap the rewards
* Find out the truth behind the schemes of Kamelott
* Become a god warrior and unlock the way to the Halls of Shattered Souls
* Craft enhancements making them more powerful
* Craft god armor
* Craft a unique epic weapon for each class
* New item mods
* New resistances

Level Increase:

* New level cap is 55
* 95 new abilities
* Spell crafting added
* Item levels increased
* New crafting related quest series


Vanguard: Saga of Heroes celebrates its 7th anniversary with a rainbow whale companion gift, contests, and bonus events.

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