FusionFall Swag Giveaway

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Just as Cartoon Network is the one channel that children and parents can agree on when surfing with the remote, Cartoon Network's FusionFall is an awesome game for adults to share with young people. Hailed by Ten Ton Hammer's Danny "Ralsu" Gourley as "nothing short of a stroke of genius in the realm of family entertainment," FusionFall serves as the perfect gateway for big kids (that'd be you, parents) to share their love of MMOs with small kids (the little people who talk too much when mommy and daddy are playing their game).

To celebrate the way FusionFall brings the generations together in the online world, Ten Ton Hammer has joined forces with Cartoon Network to bring readers the Ten Ton Hammer FusionFall Swag Giveaway. Entrants will have a chance to win terrific prizes.

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