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Posted Tue, Jun 02, 2009 by Sardu

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Ten Ton Hammer: Will there be special crafting facilities that players will need access to in order to create items - specifically with Manufacturing, though this could apply to the Design process as well – or will the system allow for a certain amount of autonomy?
Apostol: Realistically, high-tech gadgets and equipment do not require facilities such as factories or construction terminals in order for crafters to turn construction parts into a usable item. Crafting won’t be autonomous or allowed just anywhere in the game world, although some field actions such as repair won’t require facilities (still, facilities will be an option that provides superior services). Players will have a wide choice of factories, each equipped with various production units required by technologies (a.k.a. crafting recipes). Crafters need to choose from all available Factories that support the type of item they want to create, and then plan which of those locations would give them the best chance to come up with superior production. A lot other choices are involved too such as security, logistical problems (distance, enemy territory, etc.).

Ten Ton Hammer: Recently you addressed community concerns that combat might not be as fast-paced as had been envisioned. Could you talk about some of the fine tuning you’ve been doing to the combat mechanics to help keep the pace faster or more fluid?

Apostol: The early builds that have been shown to the public are still using early stable, but unpolished, combat system. A lot of changes have been made in both the underlying system and the visual presentation of combat. Many weapons have been bumped up in speed while others are getting a visual punch with spectacular effects.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will Earthrise have any type of live events that might encourage participation in certain aspects of the game, or are the current plans to essentially let the players themselves define the course of events on the island of Enterra?

Apostol: The moment the first players walk on the island of Enterra on the launch date and time, they will encounter a sleeping economy in crisis under the mutant attacks that have cut down resource mining facilities. Players will have to “unlock” the resource market on their own and work together – from newbies to eventual end-game players alike – to keep the prices low and resources abundant. Then players will proceed to gain power and gather in guilds in order to have the manpower to take over the first conquest territories that will unlock the first mass mining flow of rare resources that will bump the technological tree forward. Players who come to Earthrise early will be able to experience a lot of initial development that on later date will step back to allow for developer-ran live events.

SilentFuture announces new Founder Package options for Earthrise that can get you right into the alpha/beta testing.

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