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Posted Tue, Jun 02, 2009 by Sardu

Earthrise Exclusive 03

Ten Ton Hammer: How extensive will the guild UI be? Will there be any special tools to help larger groups coordinate their efforts for things such as resource gathering, or setting up times to attack rival guilds etc?

Apostol: Guild UI is built on a scalable concept that allows simple, unobtrusive growth of features and additions from the very start. It’s early to say too much else about it but we will provide all of the basic features that players are used to, with an extensive ranking system with privileges that will give guilds the ability to build their own social infrastructure of their members.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will guilds be able to have a unifying symbol or color scheme that identifies them as part of a larger whole? Also, would this be handled through armor customization options, or will there be any special items such as tabards or flags that will achieve this effect?

Apostol: Guilds will be able to customize their weapons and armor via the crafting system, although the exact method is still in development.

Ten Ton Hammer: How extensive would you say the tutorial in Earthrise is? Will players unaccustomed to the freedom synonymous with ‘sandbox’ gameplay have an easy transition into the game, or will they need to fend for themselves fairly early on?

Apostol: Earthrise’s tutorial is very extensive, although fully optional. It encourages players to go beyond just learning basic controls and getting hold of the game. It will give them a taste of some of the signature skills and abilities of all Skills in the game before they make their own choice. We like to think of it as the “orientation zone” for players to make their skill choices prior to entering the main island territory.

Ten Ton Hammer: From the images we’ve seen of Earthrise so far, there truly are some horrifically mutated monsters scampering around Enterra, suggesting a fairly rich PvE experience. Will players be able to advance purely through PvE gameplay or will a certain amount of PvP be necessary at some point? Alternately, will advancement purely through PvP be possible?

Apostol: Players will be able to advance from the start to the end solely on PvE experience, although avoiding PvP in a PvP-centric game would be a difficult thing to pull off. While PvE will concentrate on providing the comfortable minimum needed to advance to the ranks of end-game veterans, the lure of being able to loot others (and the harsh realization of being looted yourself) will be very hard to resist for most players. As for advancement solely on PvP, such players might need to do some PvE in order to develop their skills.


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