Heroes of Telara E3 2009 Demo

Updated Tue, Jun 09, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

The Ten Ton Hammer staff had the opportunity to sit down with a crew of developers from the Trion World Network, the developers behind the upcoming fantasy MMO Heroes of Telara. Coming into the demonstration with few expectations, Garrett Fuller came away surprised and intrigued by what he saw from the game.

Heroes of Telara is a high fantasy world with all the trimmings. Players can start as a human, elf, or dwarf character and choose one of the iconic fantasy classes as a base: Rogue, Cleric, Warrior, and Caster. If it sounds very cookie cutter, just wait, the player choices really come to life in the sub classes of the game. There are a boatload of sub classes players can choose from. If you are a Warrior main class and want to spec in the Paladin sub class you’ll get righteous abilities that will help you more in combat with a little bit of healing thrown in. Players who start out as a Cleric main class and spec into the Paladin will have a boost to healing as well as the combat. There are plenty of options for players to choose from.

To read the entire Heroes of Telara preview, click here! 


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