Daily Tip:Sleeper NPCs and some Sansha NPCs introduced in the Incursion expansion use a much more sophisticated AI than other NPC. Be careful.

Summertime Gaming – Oldies but Goodies

Posted Wed, Jun 10, 2009 by Savanja

Summer is here and for a lot of us this means extra time for gaming! With so many of the major titles waiting to launch later this year, that leaves a lot of gamers bored and with not a thing to play. I've got some ideas for you!

This week we are covering established pay-to-play games. Older games on the market still have playability! All it takes is remembering why people played these games to begin with. Come chit chat with me and find out which older games you should be loading up this summer!

The grand-daddy of mainstream MMO gaming is still alive and kicking! Often spoken of as a gamer’s first online experience, Ultima Online is the MMOG version of the popular Ultima series. You’d expect a game this old might be put on the back burner or showing signs of shut down but no, currently under the development expertise of Mythic Entertainment, UO is still doing pretty well and holds a loyal following. An expansion, Stygian Abyss, is in the works and a beta will be available for it soon.

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