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Posted Thu, Jun 18, 2009 by Dalmarus

Ten Ton Hammer: Obviously, I'm a huge fan of game lore. Some companies have found success in creating novels based on their games, with some that even serve as a sort of prologue to give those that are interested some extra depth of "universe development". Are there any plans to do something like this in the future? I mean, Keith Baker has done some writing in the past….

Peterscheck: I suppose anything is possible…

Ten Ton Hammer: The first transmission log, admittedly posted long ago, gives a great sense of impending danger (perhaps even doom?) with hints that the Conflux have discovered the human race again as we continue to seek out the mysteries of the universe. What kind of role will they play in the conflict of JGE at launch?

Peterscheck: The Conflux are a great story mechanic because they are both mysterious and antagonistic. We have a lot of ideas about how to use the Conflux and Amananth in particular, though I’m not going to reveal them right now.

Ten Ton Hammer: With the reported attack on Bleakstone, it's been almost nine months since the last Transmission Log was posted on the Jumpgate site. Are there plans for more official fiction for the Jumpgate universe to be posted on the website soon? How soon should players expect the storylines of the Quantar and the Octavians to be told?

Peterscheck: Yes. It’s always difficult to juggle the development of the game and communicating those things to players effectively. As we get closer to the end of development things also become much more firm, which I know is what players are really after.

Ten Ton Hammer: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Is there anything else about the various human factions (or alien enemies) you'd like to share with the community before signing off?

Peterscheck: Just want to say thanks to everyone for the continuous interest and support.  We got a ton of great coverage at E3 last week and many fans stopped by to say hello and play the game.  The best part about game development is seeing how much the players enjoy your work!


Earlier this morning rumors surfaced that NetDevil had suffered a round of layoffs.

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