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By John Hoskin -

I received a disappointingly low number of questions for our developer friends yesterday. I received hundreds of times more e-mail when I discussed chocolate Bibles for Easter last year. This is your chance to ask the devs the questions you so desperately need answered. This is your chance to be heard directly by the developers. Make the most of it. You can mail me at this address.
As I looked at my phone bill yesterday I noticed that Bell Canada charges me $2.80 for "Touch Tone" service. Shouldn't this be something that is part of the core phone experience? Who uses a rotary phone in this day and age? What's next, a charge for a dial-tone?
This assault on my financial well-being made me wonder that MMOGs would be like if we added in all the "real world" nuisances that we deal with. Can you imagine the riots if MMOGs had the following?
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