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By John Hoskin -

One of our most popular interviews of late has been the one with Raph Koster. Once again Raph Koster has hit on as aspect of games that should be migrated to other forms of media. Raph was a speaker at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference where he took the audience through a demonstration of what Amazon.com would look like if it was designed to maximize fun.
Alice who writes the Wonderland blog attended the conference and as is often the case delivered a fantastic article that touches on the major points that Raph was attempting to convey.
It is easy for us as a game network to see what our readers enjoy, what is fun, and what is not. You love forums. The debate of countless points from the trivial to the critical is a game in itself. Your post count is a badge of honour.
More Raph, more exclusive MMOG content and more humour, though that is debatable I suppose... one click away... Loading...

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