Star Trek Online Lore: Klingon Reconnaissance Report

Posted Fri, Jun 26, 2009 by Martuk

Cryptic has been releasing regular and intriguing segments of lore for their upcoming MMOG, Star Trek Online. The latest segment is a communication to the Klingon leader, Chancellor Martok. The communication is an intelligence report about the possibility that a secret Romulan starbase known as "The Forge" has been experimenting with Borg technology. Nero, Captain of the vessel Narada, is believed to have visited this starbase and acquired this experimental technology and is using it against the Klingon fleet. However, another threat has emerged, one capable of tracking and destroying cloaked Klingon ships.

After four days of searching, the Ki'tang found the Forge. The space station was empty. Its computer core had been wiped clean, but we did find information in the station that leads Klingon Intelligence to believe that the projects that the Forge had been home to were not abandoned.

In addition, Captain D'rakal reported that the Forge must have been working with Borg technology. The remains of a regeneration chamber were found in one of the laboratories, and the station itself had been outfitted with a central power matrix similar to those found on Borg cubes. It is reasonable to assume that if the Forge had been adapted to operate with Borg technology, then its creators have discovered a way to adapt that same technology to their ships as well. That could explain the incredible abilities of the Narada – General Worf reported that the ship appeared to not only have superior weaponry and cloaking ability, it practically seemed to repair itself.

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