Loading... March 30, 2007

By John Hoskin -

I will once again be travelling to make your MMOG life better, which means that Loading... will be delayed and/or written by a more eloquent hand next week.
Some excellent suggestions on how to make TTH a better MMOG network have been posted in the comments section of the blog. If you have something that you would like added, changed or removed from the network please let me know striaght-away. I'll be hob-knobbing with the TTH uppity-ups next week where I can pretend that your ideas are my own. Seriously though, I will pretend that they are my ideas, but at least you might get them implemented. Send them in!
Raph Koster has posted his power-point presentation titled, "The Core of Fun". It is worth a look.
Eight new MMOG articles, more Vin and girls gone wild.... one click away... Loading...

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