Warlock Q&A

Posted Thu, Jul 02, 2009 by Xerin

Lots of new and good Warlock information is coming down from Blizzard as part of their class FAQ series. Soulshatter is going down to 3 minutes, circle isn't going to remove stuns, Fel Domination is getting a dramatic cooldown change, pet survivability is alright, and a lot of other tasty Warlock tidbits are up for grabs in this latest FAQ.

Today we continue our class Q&A series with Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street and the development team, in which we’re taking a look at each class and answering some of the top questions brought forward by their communities. Next up, we take a look at the most asked questions from the warlock class and find out more about the design philosophy behind this class, the expectations for the class, and what may lie in store for it in the future.

Click here for the Warlock FAQ!

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