Aion Class Preview – The Chanter

By Reuben Waters -
Like many other aspects of Aion, the Chanter class blends just enough familiar elements from previous MMOs for players to feel completely at home while stepping into the role while offering plenty of unique features to keep things fresh and interesting. The net result is a priest class that functions both as rugged melee fighter and excellent support class all wrapped into one neat package. To help give players a better understanding of what sets the Chanter apart from the crowd, we’ve put together a brief overview of things you should know:

Besides your fancy new Mantras, there are a few things thrown into the mix at level 10 that will greatly enhance your ability to fully step into a melee role. The most obvious of these will be the ability to wear chain armor and use a shield, both of which offer a nice protective boost either when solo or serving as your group’s off-tank. If you’re like me and are continually baffled by the persistence of priests in MMOs being pigeonholed into wielding a mace as your primary weapon, there’s good news; you also have the option to use a hefty 2H staff for a noticeable increase to your DPS at the cost of the added protection of a shield in your offhand.

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