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Champion's Online State of the Game 7/8/2009

Posted Thu, Jul 09, 2009 by Martuk

Champions Online's Bill Roper has posted a new "State of the Game" for the community to read over. This week Bill talks about the latest updates to Champions Online and how the game is progressing through beta. He also wanted to let European players know that they are working hard to get them involved in the contests.

We know that our European players have expresses dismay at not being able to enter any of our contests. We’ve been battling against the villainous super group known as The Rules Lawyers and are very close to victory. Cheeky banter aside, we’ve been working on getting EU contest rules in place that adhere to applicable laws and restrictions, and we should be able to extend our contests into several European countries very soon. We have always wanted to include all of our community, and now we’ll be able to do so!

  • You can read the full "State of the Game" here.
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