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A Beginners Guide to Crafting in Aion - Page 2

Updated Mon, Dec 28, 2009 by Dalmarus

While it's possible to learn each skill, I'd advise grabbing one to concentrate on initially. The costs involved with becoming proficient in your chosen profession may start off small, but they’ll begin burning their way deep into your pocketbook before you know it. If you’ve got the kinah to spend, or the time to hunt down materials, more power to you. You'll still need to do work orders to get recipes (unless you want to buy those off of other players as well), so be prepared to pay, no matter which path you choose.

To craft anything in Aion, you have to be at the appropriate workstation. As a Sorceror (and Spiritmaster), I chose to concentrate on the Sewing profession to offset the cost of armor pieces in the future. Thus my instrument of imminent pauperdom was a magical loom. Feel free to choose any station in the area. It doesn't matter whether another player is there or not, as it has absolutely no effect on your own work.

Once you've chosen your loom, the crafting UI will appear. The window will show you what recipes you have available, how many of each you can make with the materials you currently have available on your person, and an option to choose how many you wish to create. It may sound a little convoluted, but it's actually an intuitive and elegant piece of design work. At a glance, you can see what you need to do and whether you've got the ability to do so.

Choose how many widgets you wish to make (you can also select the "Make All" option), then click the craft button and get ready to pray. Similar to the method of gathering used in Aion, the actual act of crafting involves clicking once, then sitting on the edge of your seat in palpable anticipation as you watch your pass and fail meters rise. Sadly, you have no control over their progression. If your pass meter reaches the end before your fail meter does, you've successfully created your very first item. Just because you managed to create an item doesn't mean you'll get a skill-up point for it, so you'll need to be both patient and persistent.

The primary method of gaining skill (and recipes), is to complete work orders for your profession trainer. As you progress in skill, your trainer will give you more difficult orders to fulfill. If you can’t gain any skill-ups from a work order, your trainer will no longer offer it to you. It's nice to know they're looking out for you.

For the very first work order, your trainer will provide all the materials you require to complete it. If you happen to fail the order, just abandon the task and grab it again. When you do, the trainer will remove whatever requested items you had managed to complete and give you the quest over again. Yes, that means you'll need to start from scratch. Just look at it as more opportunities to gain some skill.


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