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Aion Class Guide: The Sorcerer - Page 2

Updated Sat, Dec 05, 2009 by Dalmarus

The only new spell you get is Sleep I. Just as it implies, it forces a target to sleep for 20 seconds and damage will not wake them up. Don’t get too excited about being able to beat up on your helpless enemy as he snoozes though because it also greatly increases *all* of their Elemental Defenses and guess who causes absolutely nothing but elemental damage? That’s right… you.

So what good is the Sleep spell at all then? This is the first viable crowd control spell you receive. It has a relatively low cooldown time (15 seconds) and is perfect for splitting those paired up mobs. Cast sleep on one target and then cool the heels of the other one to slow him and commence the beatdown. They may get a hit or two on you before they go down, but that’s why you have Stone Skin up. Don’t forget to keep your Mage hunting techniques going!

By the time you finish the mob, the one you put to sleep should have just arrived. Put them to sleep again and get some distance between you. Once you’ve made it to your optimal range (25 meters most of the time), spin around and wait. There’s no sense in casting anything on Sleeping Beauty until your Sleep spell (and all those increased Elemental Defenses) have worn off. Sure, you’ll do some damage, but it won’t amount to anything worth writing home about, so use the few seconds you have to gain some mana while you wait. Once they wake, go proceed to lay the smackdown on their candy ass.

Unleashing Your Inner Demon (or Angel)

That’s all well and good up until this point, but where’s the *power*? Level 13 is where it begins, and it only gets better from there. The mantra I’ve tried to drill into your head is range, range, and more range. You are not a tank and are squishier than any other class in the game, including your counterpart, the Spiritmaster.

With that in mind, Blind Leap I is going to become your best friend. It’s an instant cast 15 meter teleportation spell. For the Dungeons & Dragons pen and paper players of old, think of it as Blink, but with some direction. That direction is backwards. It sounds (and is) terrific, but always remember to be aware of your surroundings or you’re going to jump back into a bigger pack of monsters than the one you were trying to get some distance on.

Along with Blind Leap, you’ll get a spell upgrade, a new buff, and my personal favorite in the form of a direct damage spell. Imagine being able to shoot your enemies with a harpoon. Now imagine that harpoon is made out of flames! Flame Harpoon I is just that and packs a mean punch to boot. 430 points of fire damage with a 2 second cast and only a 6 second cooldown time.


At level 16 and later you’ll start getting fire DOTs (Damage Over Time spells), water-based AoEs (Area of Effect spells), and a delayed blast fireball with Delayed Blast I. This is all before level 20.

All this power and far, far more will be at your beck and call if you select the Sorcerer class. Let the Spiritmaster have his summoned lackey. You know the true meaning of death, destruction, and the pursuit of happiness. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to find out.


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