WoW: Healing Comparison: Discipline Priest vs. Holy Paladin

Posted Thu, Jul 16, 2009 by Yadiera

When it comes to picking a healing class in World of Warcraft you would pick one that would be best for your play style. But what if two healing classes are almost the same? Discipline Priests and Holy Paladins play the same role in raiding - Main Tank Healing. Yadiera looks into the difference between the two class specs that are very similar to each other. Which would you choose if you had to pick only one of the two classes to raid with?

Holy Priests will often win over Holy Paladins hands down when it comes to raid healing. Discipline Priests and Paladins are very much the same; they are favorably the best single target healers. Paladins excel at being the best main tank healers. Discipline Priests are also the best at main tank healing. But if a raid leader had to choose a Discipline Priest or a Holy Paladin, it’d be a hard choice indeed, as the classes are too similar in roles that need played.

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