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Upgrades and Devices in Champions Online - Page 2

Updated Thu, Jul 23, 2009 by Sardu

Upgrades Pt. 2

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Within the Offense, Defense and Utility categories, all upgrades will come in one of three flavors; Arms, Science or Mysticism. This will be indicated on the item’s tooltip in the upper right hand corner, and for all intents and purposes is associated with CO’s crafting system. While crafting itself will be covered in a separate guide, here’s a quick rundown of what these three types of items are all about.

  • The main method for advancing your crafting skill is through conducting ‘research’, or by breaking down upgrades into their individual components.

  • Each crafting skill can only break down upgrades of the associated type. For example, an Arms crafter can only break down upgrades labeled as Arms. To make this process easier, when at the crafting station for your chosen profession, if you open up your inventory by pressing the “I” key, any items you can break down via research will be highlighted for you.

  • Certain quest rewards are an exception to the above rule, as many of the upgrades granted through questing will not be associated with Arms, Science or Mysticism. When broken down via research, these upgrades will typically give you a mix of components from all three crafting professions.

Beyond the basic associations with crafting skills, each type of upgrade will focus on enhancing certain statistics, while not enhancing others at all. Below is a brief outline of which stats are not enhanced, listed by type:


Offense – No Presence
Defense – No Endurance, Ego, Intelligence or Presence
Utility – No Presence


Offense – No Presence
Defense – No Dexterity, Recovery or Strength
Utility – No Presence


Offense – No Constitution
Defense – No Constitution, Dexterity, Recovery or Strength
Utility – No Constitution

Taking the above into account, not only will this help you in selecting which crafting profession to focus on, but it should also give you a general idea of what types of upgrades might best compliment your character’s power set. Keep in mind that there are no arbitrary restrictions on which type of upgrades you equip in your primary or secondary upgrade slots, so if you want to mix and match between types you’re certainly free to do so to find the best combination that works for the type of character you’re playing.

A final thing to be aware of with upgrades is how they relate to Builds and Roles, which become available at level 8. For each build you create, you can also select exactly which upgrades you want associated with that build. For example, you could create a build focused on fulfilling an Offensive Role and equip a set of upgrades focused on Strength and Endurance, or a separate build focused on a Defensive Role with a set of upgrades focused on Dexterity, Constitution and Recovery.


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