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Upgrades and Devices in Champions Online - Page 3

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Devices are items that typically grant you a limited or single use ability which varies depending on how the device was obtained. Most often devices will be gained as loot drops which bear some association with the specific foe you just defeated. For example, you might find a wand that lets you shoot dark magic at your target before running out of charges by defeating members of Demon, while defeating irradiated VIPER agents in the Southwestern Desert might net you a device that grants limited protection from radiation damage.

Certain quests might also require the use of a particular device which will be given to you by the NPC from whom you obtained the quest in most cases. Lastly, some devices can also be crafted by each of the available professions.

To use a device, open your inventory by pressing the “I” key on your keyboard, and simply drag the device into one of the 5 device slots along the bottom right corner of your UI by default. Alternatively you can also right click on a device in your inventory and select ‘equip’ from the drop down menu if you’re not too concerned about which specific device slot the item is placed into.

You’ll notice in the above image that the device key binds will be directly to the right of your primary upgrade slots. To use any of the 5 equipped devices hit the ‘control’ key plus the number 1 through 5 depending on which device you intend to use.

While the concept of devices is pretty straight forward compared to upgrades, they typically won’t drop as commonly and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked as a means of adding some temporary new abilities to your current repertoire. Your equipped devices can also be swapped out with each ‘build’ you create the same as upgrades, so there’s some flexibility to be found there in terms of equipping different devices that enhance a given role you want to fulfill at any given moment.


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