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Demystifying Micro-Transactions in Champions Online

Posted Wed, Jul 22, 2009 by Sardu

With the recent announcement that micro-transactions would play a role in the upcoming release of Champions Online, many MMO gamers have expressed concern over just how large a role that might ultimately be. Knowing that this can be a touchy subject for fans, Ten Ton Hammer sat down with Bill Roper for an exclusive interview to help put some of the speculation to rest. Read on to learn more about Cryptic’s take on the business model, what type of items you can expect to find through MTs and how the system will be integrated into CO come launch day.
The idea is wanting to be able to have things there that players can get if they want to, but they don’t negatively impact the balance of the game. It’s not like we’re expecting players to go and purchase things through micro-transactions that then give them some huge leg up. All those things I think people get worried about, but really the focus is on having things that are fun, cosmetic or are things that are more account-wide and maintenance based.

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