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Aion Asmodae Ishalgen Guide

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New players to Aion who have chosen to play the Asmodae race have a lush, if not a tad dark, story and quest series ahead of them. Ten Ton Hammer's Asmodae Newbie Guide is built for just those players. Ethec shares the Asmodae experience and outlines the quests, stories, events and areas that players face in the introductory levels.

Contrary to widespread belief, Asmodae aren't necessarily "evil," but certainly got the worse end of the deal when the cataclysm rent the Tower of Eternity in two. No matter how much time you put into making your character pretty, remember that your Asmodae-ness will shine through in several ways. More sinister-looking Asmod visual attributes - large-ish claws on our feet and hands, a length of mane on your back, sallower shades of skin, scars, and spell effect like red eyes - are simply adaptations or the result of their environment. Nonetheless, living in a rugged land has made the Asmodae into a hard people, and at first brush they are certainly act a little more barbaric than their Elyos cousins.

Read the full guide here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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