WoW Weekly Report - The Overpull for 7/27/09

Posted Tue, Jul 28, 2009 by Medeor

Pre-patch madness is upon us. What are we supposed to freak out about, what should we do, and why is it taking so darn long?

Luckily, the voice of reason (or was it treason?) is here to smooth things over. Yes, Medeor is looking into the soft underbelly of a game right before a major patch. The patch is good, the wait is rough, the masses are in turmoil:

For many the lead up to the patch has been a mixed blessing. There are some awesome (yes, I went that far) changes in the Call of the Crusade. There are many modifications that will completely change the way we level up characters (mounts) and gear them up (Emblems, dungeons, Coliseum). The forums have lit up extolling the good, bad and ugly. The theorycrafters are working overtime to illustrate why their point of view is correct and how they will achieve .00003 more DPS once the patch goes live. So what's the problem?

Join us for a quick respite from the raging battle in your mind in this week's Overpull.

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