STO Dev Chat Transcript Now Available!

Posted Wed, Jul 29, 2009 by Savanja

The Star Trek Online developer chat is the perfect opportunity to get in your questions and get them answered! Unfortunately, not all of us can make the dev chats but we can catch the transcripts afterward and today's chat transcript is up and ready for reading! Here are some of the highlights...

Does Escort 2 mean, an Escort in Tier 2? And is the rumour that Tier 1 will only have Light Cruisers (and therefore no Science, Cruiser, or Escort ships) true?

<@Cryptic_geko> All players start with a Light Cruiser. When they rank up to a Lt. Commander, they will gain access to a new ship. That ship may be a Cruiser, a Science Vessel, or an Escort. To get one of these ships, you will need the necessary skill. Choosing one does not restrict your access to the others, but you still need the right skill (you need Science Vessel Skill to get science vessel). To get into the next science vessel, you will need to be a Commander rank and have skillpoints in "Research Science Vessel" (which unlocks towards the end of the "Science Vessel" skill). So you can go deep with your skills and ships, or you can go wide.

Will there be any reason other than personal preference to use small ships in end-game content and will there be incentive for a wide variety of ships in a fleet/task force/group for combat operations? For example, if I want to use the BoP will that be viable or will it hurt my group if I use it instead of the Negh'var in my hangar? I know you've said that tier and combat effectiveness isn't entirely dependent on size, but where is the line?

<@CrypticZinc> Yes!

<@CrypticZinc> We want to encourage fleets in the end game to be made up of many different configurations of ships.

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