Champions Online: Nemesis and Omega Interview with Bill Roper

By Reuben Waters -

Ever since our Champions Online community site went live, the superhumans otherwise known as the Ten Ton Hammer staff have been diligently putting together an excellent collection of new player guides, but we also understand that many potential players are interested in hearing more about what type of high end content the game will feature. With that in mind, we recently sat down with Bill Roper to discuss what types of challenges await players with the Nemesis and Omega systems.

Ten Ton Hammer: You’ve mentioned that players can only have one ‘active’ nemesis at a time, but once they’ve been defeated will you be able to revisit them later on?

Bill Roper: We’ll definitely have ways you can reactivate nemeses where they break out of Stronghold and you’ve got to go stop them again. We know that players will want to be able to go back and revisit some of their old enemies which is the reason we wanted to have these galleries so that you won’t be making these villains that are just gone; they’re there to be used again and again as players want or as we come up with clever and evil ways to do so.

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