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Posted Tue, Apr 10, 2007 by Boomjack

Have you ever noticed that movies and television shows always use a phone number that starts with 555? Inevitably, if there is a number being shown it looks something like 555-0234. The 555 prefix actually exists, it is just that numbers between 0100 and 0199 are reserved for fictional use. Here ends your educational process for the day. I'm glad that you got dialed in to edition 555 of Loading...
I am passionate about the MMOG industry. I've been a part of it for a very long time. Many readers and often many developers mistake this passionate view for one of hostility. In fact, some developers don't post on TTH because they feel that we are unfair to them or that we don't like them.
Educating our readers about the various games on the market is our job. Pointing out flaws in a game is a necessary portion of that process. I don't for instance, write huge diatribes filled with naughty words, laying blame on specific developers because quite simply, that doesn't solve any of the problems. What it does is whip a community of users into a frenzy. They are unhappy. The developers are unhappy and in the end nothing changes to solve the initial problem. Furor, the past leader of the Fires of Heaven guild and now developer at Blizzard made a name for himself by attempting to put at least one curse-word for every other word used in his ramblings. Give him credit, it got him noticed. Being noticed is exactly what he wanted. In his case, mission accomplished.
I get you noticed, Vin plays blackjack, Pandas poop and 13 new MMOG articles get written, today in Loading...

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