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Champions Online: Crisis in Canada Survival Guide - Page 3

Posted Thu, Aug 06, 2009 by Sardu

Main Mission Arc: Raiders on the Storm

The following list details the main quests you’ll need to complete in order to advance through the story arc in Canada, the majority of which will be granted by your good friend Justicar at Steelhead. For the most part these missions will focus on dealing with immediate concerns of rescuing the survivors of the Oceanica planes brought down by the unnatural storms surrounding the area. Along the way you’ll be fighting lots of ice demons and zombies as you unravel the mysteries of the crisis, eventually leading you back to Ravenspeaker atop a small hill SE of Steelhead.

[5] The Ordeal of Oceanica 408

CONTACT: Justicar
OBJECTIVES: Free passengers menaced by ice demons (3)
DETAILS: This is a fairly straight forward combat quest, requiring you to defeat small groups of ice demons that surround crash survivors on and around the frozen lake just south of Steelhead. Return to Justicar for your reward upon completion.

[6] Shepard’s Cry

CONTACT: Justicar
OBJECTIVES: Locate the lost passenger J.J. Shepard from Oceanica Flight 408
DETAILS: Exiting Steelhead to the south, head directly east to find Shepard hiding behind a large rock on the side of a hill. Be prepared to fight plenty ice demons along the way unless you have a travel power such as flight to reach his location.

[7] Lost in the Snow

CONTACT: J.J. Shepard
OBJECTIVES: Help J.J. Shepard find his 4 lost friends (John, Finn, Cathy and Furley) and rescue them from menacing ice demons.
DETAILS: While this is another standard rescue mission, but be sure to speak to each of the 4 passengers once the ice demons surrounding them have been defeated to get proper quest credit. Return to Justicar at Steelhead for your reward upon completion.

[7] Oceanica’s Other Threat

CONTACT: Justicar
MISSION TYPE: Kill Count / Collection
OBJECTIVES: Defeat ice demons near the crash site (8) and collect Tulzorgat Trickery Fetishes (6)
DETAILS: This is an easy mission to complete while working on Lost in the Snow or Passengers in Permafrost as you’ll be fighting plenty of ice demons throughout both quests. While a specific area of the map will be marked, ice demons will drop the required items and grant you credit towards quest completion in other areas as well. Return to Justicar at Steelhead for your reward upon completion.


[7] Passengers in Permafrost

CONTACT: Justicar
QUEST TYPE: Rescue / Device Interaction
OBJECTIVES: Use the Hypothermiac Laser to thaw out Oceanica passengers that have been encased in ice by demons (5)
DETAILS: This will be similar to the other rescue missions you’ve completed so far, but with a twist. First, you’ll need to defeat any ice demons surrounding the frozen passengers (otherwise they interrupt the thawing process), and then you’ll need to use the device Justicar gives you to thaw each passenger. To do so, target the block of ice and then activate the device on your hotbar. Once all 5 passengers have been rescued, return to Justicar at Steelhead for your reward.

[8] Subzero Servant

CONTACT: Justicar
QUEST TYPE: Triggered Boss Fight
OBJECTIVES: Use magical necklace to summon Tulzorgat around the ice spires near the Oceanica wreckage
DETAILS: Ravenspeaker believes that a powerful ice demon named Tulzorgat is responsible for the appearance of the ice demons in the area surrounding Steelhead and the downed Oceanica plane, and it’s up to you to put a stop to him. Tulzorgat can be summoned at the ice spires east of Steelhead, but be careful; numerous ice shamans encircle the spires and can make this fight somewhat difficult if you get too close. Once you’ve defeated the demon, loot his key to open the small chest nearby, grab the scroll it contains and then speak with Ravenspeaker for your reward.


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