Aion Beta Key Giveaway

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Over the last few months, the anticipation concerning Aion has exponentially grown. Players are practically falling over themselves to get into this fantasy-based title, and most of the excitement derives itself from a simple - yet completely game changing - new feature. Flight.

Thankfully, the freedom of flight is a simple mouse click away. That's right Ten Ton Hammer readers, the staff has gotten ahold of hundreds of Aion closed beta test keys for you to use! As always, we've reserved a few hundred of these keys for our premium members along with our normal allotment of public keys.

These keys are good for the North American version of the game only, but if you're interested in jumping into Aion for this weekend's upcoming beta test, we've got the keys for you!

NOTE: This key is good for the closed beta test *and* the open beta test. The next beta event doesn't begin until this weekend.
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