Calling All God Killers: An Interview with the Mytheon Devs

Posted Tue, Aug 11, 2009 by Cody Bye

Since the birth of the massively multiplayer online game, developers across the globe have explored different variations on that theme. While some continue to strive towards that classic “massive” model, others are doing things a bit differently, introducing player-filled hubs but allowing players to experience the content in their game through instances and in much smaller groups.

This is the case in Mytheon, an upcoming online action game where thousands of players can congregate in centralized hubs, but only a small group can actually be in the same dungeon. This upcoming fantasy-based action title is being published by True Games Interactive, which many Ten Ton Hammer readers may be familiar with thanks to titles like Warrior Epic. Recently, the crew at Ten Ton Hammer sat down with Mytheon’s lead designer, Chris Rubyor, to talk about his feature title.

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you talk in-depth about the power stone gaming? How does that work with the online gaming portion?

We believe Mytheon will offer a very unique experience as it combines action, strategy and RPG with a highly addictive collectability element. (Power stones) There will be hundreds of different types of these stones in game, and collecting them will be paramount to your struggle. Power stones contain the essence of many powerful beings and earthly elements.

From our perspective Mytheon isn't a classic MMORPG. We see Mytheon as an online action game where thousands of players can group up and adventure. Our world is not open like WoW.

A chance meeting with Petroglyph Co-Founder Mike Legg made me feel a lot better about liking what I saw of Mytheon at GDC 2011. More than any other developer I’ve ever met, Mike personifies absolute, unwavering enthusiasm – like some happy marriage between a first-rate development mind, a smiley face, and an espresso bean. That’s part of the reason we were, subjectively speaking, so entirely galled when True Games Interactive sued Petroglyph to regain development rights to Mytheon just weeks before release. Since I’d played Mytheon months before the ugliness and found it (to my admittedly para-professional eye) far more stable and bug-free than most other games in a similar state of development, it appeared to me that this was publisher villainy of the ugliest kind… like corporate thieves using a loose contract as a tommy gun and threatened legal action as the getaway car.
Fri, Mar 11, 2011

Mytheon has suffered its share of bumps during development with a few delays and

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Thu, Mar 03, 2011

UTV True Games kicked off the open beta phase for its multiplayer/action RPG, Mytheon.

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Wed, Feb 23, 2011
UTV True Games has released a new trailer featuring the father of the gods, Zeus, in their upcoming multiplayer/action RPG, Mytheon. The trailer shows the
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Thu, Feb 10, 2011

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