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Champions Online: Desert Disaster Survival Guide - Page 2

Posted Wed, Aug 12, 2009 by JoBildo

A Crafty Contrivance 

Upon reaching the desert, your first stop will be the head of Project Greenskin, Robert Kaufman.   The soldiers right next to the helicopter when you land will direct you to an elevator that will take you up into the fortress and to Kaufman himself. He will serve as your primary contact throughout the mission arc of Desert Disaster. Along with the opening missions in the main quest chain, he will also offer you a quest that will set you on the path to selecting one of the three primary crafting professions. While full details on the crafting system are beyond the scope of this guide, the following information and quests will get you headed in the right direction. 

[7] A Crafty Contrivance  

CONTACT: Robert Kaufman


OBJECTIVES: Speak with the Arms, Science and Mysticism Crafters.

DETAILS: After speaking with each of the trainers located at Project Greenskin, select which of the available professions you want to learn. Each one will tell you just what each profession is capable of creating, and there’s no wrong choice here.  Pick whatever suits your fancy! 

[5] Begone Fission! 

CONTACT: The crafting trainer for your chosen profession

QUEST TYPE: Collection / Crafting

OBJECTIVES: Gather 3 common components based on your chosen profession.

DETAILS: The requested components can be gathered fairly quickly by checking your map for a highlighted area where a small grouping of Skill Items is located. Once you’ve collected all 3, return to your trainer who will give you a Development recipe for a Radiation Shield device based on your profession, as well as the final component needed to create the device. Upon creation of the device the quest will update automatically and grant you a decent amount of XP and Resources for your efforts.  You can repeat this recipe as many times as you’d like to increase your crafting skill while in the crisis zone. 

Optional Missions 

Force Station Steelhead

Robert Kaufman is your main go-to guy for all missions in the desert, but there are a few additional quests that can be discovered as you head out from the protective walls of Project Greenskin. While optional, these will add a nice boost to XP and can be completed fairly quickly in areas where you would already be questing.  Some good rewards for your level are involved too. 

[8] Built Ferd Tough 

CONTACT: Colonel Vanderbilt

QUEST TYPE: Super-Villain Fight

OBJECTIVES: Defeat Ferd (Suggested 3 Party Members)

DETAILS: Ferd’s a big ol’ nasty mother of an Irradiate, and he’s causing PRIMUS a heap of trouble out in the desert.  Bring a couple friends for this one, as it’s not at all intended to be solo-able.  When you see the warning that he’s about to use a charged attack, bring your block up and keep pounding him the rest of the time in between.  With three or more heroes to contend with, he’ll never stand a chance. Once you’re done, head back to the Colonel for your reward. 

[5] Grond Theft Altercation 

CONTACT: Object found on ground near Ferd

QUEST TYPE: Item Discovery

OBJECTIVES: Take a piece of Grond statue back to Robert Kaufman.

DETAILS: Near where you fight Ferd, you’ll see pieces of debris on the ground.  Interacting with one will start a quest to return the broken piece of Grond’s statue back to Project Greenskin.  Do so for some decent XP and monetary rewards. 


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