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Champions Online: Desert Disaster Survival Guide - Page 3

Posted Wed, Aug 12, 2009 by JoBildo

Main Mission Arc: Disaster in the Desert 

The following list details the main quests you’ll need to complete in order to advance through the story arc in the Desert, the majority of which will be granted by Robert Kaufman at Project Greenskin, while others will come from Colonel Vanderbilt just outside the fortress. You’ll spend your time pounding a lot of Irradiates into the ground, as you unravel just who caused the shield around Project Greenskin to go down.  The whole thing will culminate in a massive battle, that will test all the skills you’ve learned up to this point. 

[5] Assault on Greenskin 

CONTACT: Kaufman

QUEST TYPE: Combat/Rescuing

OBJECTIVES: Defeat Irradiates (10) / Rescue Scientists (5)

DETAILS: Right down the way from the helicopter where you landed in the desert there are herds of the Irradiates beating on the Project’s scientists.  Kill the Irradiates and rescue the scientists to complete the mission. 

[5] Rounding Up Rads 

CONTACT: Kaufman

QUEST TYPE: Collection

OBJECTIVES: Collect 5 planted rockets from around the Grond statue.

DETAILS: All around the statue of Grond are Irradiates with rockets strapped to their back, trying to blow up the homage to the Desert’s behemoth.  Your task is to pummel the Irradiates and collect their uranium-armed rockets after doing so.   

[6] A Question of Suppression 

CONTACT: Kaufman

QUEST TYPE: Activate

OBJECTIVES: The defense turrets surrounding Project Greenskin are offline due to overheating.  Go out and reactivate them.

DETAILS: This one’s a rather straightforward task.  There are small green circles denoting where the turrets are, and all you have to do is interact with them to bring them back online.  Be careful though as some are guarded by Villain-level Irradiates who hit a little harder than average.  

[7] A Second Helping 

CONTACT: Kaufman


OBJECTIVES: Head north into the Burning Sands and locate Colonel Vanderbilt to continue the mission arc.

DETAILS: Really simple, as it’s marked on your map.  North out of Project Greenskin you’ll find the Colonel holed up around some hum-vees and sandbags.  Talk to him to advance the mission arc. 

[7] Doomsday Clock Ticking 

CONTACT: Colonel Vanderbily

QUEST TYPE: Combat / Device Deactivation

OBJECTIVES: Defeat Brother Alamogordo and use the code found on him to deactivate the massive nuclear device nearby.

DETAILS: This one’s entirely doable solo, but it may be a little difficult due to the radiation surrounding Alamogordo.  If you have any extra radiation-defense items, now could be a decent time to use them, but you may wish to save them for what comes after this quest.  Alamogordo is a straightforward enemy, just with a lot of hitpoints.  Use block when he’s charging his attacks, and pound him the rest of the time with your own.  When he drops, use the Sequencing Code found on his person to deactivate the bomb in the middle of the pool of radiation. 

[8] Radiation Domination 

CONTACT: Colonel Vanderbilt

QUEST TYPE: Item Activated

OBJECTIVES: Take the note found on Alamogordo to Colonel Vanderbilt – Defeat Gigaton within the Radiation Vault

Force Station Steelhead

DETAILS: The note tells of a servant of Dr. Destroyer, Gigaton, and his plans to destroy Project Greenskin at the behest of his master.  It states that he is hiding away inside the Radiation Vault and using his powers to power the radiation shield that surrounds Project Greenskin.  If he’s behind this, you’ll have to confront him and bring him to justice for his actions.  


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