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Champions Online: Desert Disaster Survival Guide - Page 4

Posted Wed, Aug 12, 2009 by JoBildo

The Radiation Vault 

Apparently Black Talon wasn’t the only Master Villain enacting plans as dictated by the one and only Doctor Destroyer. Kigatilik is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s up to you to see to it that he’s not summoned by Rakshasa or who knows what terrible fate he could unleash on Canada or the rest of the world? 

[8] Gallant Major Gertz and His Courageous Crew 

CONTACT: Colonel Vanderbilt


OBJECTIVES: Find Major Gertz and his Courageous Crew within the Radiation Vault.

DETAILS: This is really just the beginning quest to get you to go inside of the Vault.  Once in, you’ll receive a contact from Colonel Vaderbilt detailing what you need to do next.  Apparently, inside of Major Gertz’s backpack is an anti-radiation device you’ll need to fight off Gigaton and his minions.  As you fight your way through the fairly straightforward instance (be sure to toss the many forklifts lying around as weapons at your enemies, they pack a nasty punch), you’ll face quite a few villain-level Destroids.  But it’s nothing you can’t handle.  Save the radiation device for when you must face Gigaton. 

[8] Radiation Domination (Boss Fight) 

CONTACT: Colonel Vanderbily

QUEST TYPE: Master Villain Confrontation

OBJECTIVES: Defeat Gigaton

DESCRIPTION: Once you’ve found and rescued Gertz’s crew, you’ll make your way to a large cavernous opening in the Vault, where you’ll see Gigaton hovering in all his glory above a trapped and deranged Major Gertz. As you approach, a brief cutscene will play showing that unfortunately you’re too late to prevent Marjor Gertz from being harmed. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to activate your Radiation-shield device, as the whole area is filled with radiation.  

First you’ll have to beat up on Major Gertz, which should prove an easy task, as he behaves like a normal enemy.  But he can pack a punch, and once you’ve drained his hitpoints enough he’ll shout something insane and run off… leaving Gigaton quite peeved and ready to mop the floor with you.  

Force Station Steelhead

He hits extremely hard, but your Radiation-shield device should go a long way to helping you remain protected.  Just watch out for his charged radiation attacks, and use any objects around the Vault you can find to hurl at him.  If you’re in a group, he’ll have more defense and health, but we always found it easier to handle him with 2 or 3 partners on our side.   

Once you’ve defeated him, the Vault will start to collapse.  No worries, as it’s just for effect.  Run back out to the front entrance and leave the Vault and find Kaufman for your reward… and the chance to move on to the real Desert zone! 


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