WoW: New Expansion = New Tamable Pets?

By Jason Bechdel -
Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and eventually Cataclysm? Regardless of what the next expansion pack will be called it is almost certain that with World of Warcraft's continued popularity it will be released in the next few years. Keeping their audience entertained is something Blizzard is fairly good at. With that expansion pack tons of fresh content will probably be added to the game including new creatures to be tamed, and possibly changes to old creatures. This week Mem takes a look at what animals some Hunters would like tame.

Almost every Hunter has been adventuring in the world and found an animal that they just have to have as a pet. It’s like love at first slight, only on a smaller scale. Perhaps visions of you and your new pet pwning face in PvP, or topping the damage meters in a raid, or even just standing around a major city looking cool, fill your mind.
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