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Guild Wars: Rediscovering Tyria

Posted Thu, Aug 13, 2009 by Sardu

While the core of the gaming industry may revolve around a more transitory entertainment experience, MMOGs enjoy the rare distinction of being built to provide many years’ worth of replayability. Certain titles, such as ArenaNet’s highly successful Guild Wars franchise, have done an excellent job of not only providing fans a constant stream of new content, but also finding ways of keeping older content perfectly viable far into the future.

Reuben “Sardu” Waters recently brought his Ritualist out of hibernation for Guild Wars’ Wintersday in July celebration, and has been spamming a long trail of spirits across Tyria and beyond ever since:

One thing that instantly stood out for me is that while each new campaign has added a significant amount of new content and meaningful gameplay mechanics, one of the series’ main strengths lies in the plethora of new ways to approach the available content. For example, Nicholas the Traveler and his trusty dolyak Professor Yakkington have become a weekly Easter egg hunt of sorts, as players scour zones to discover his new location and which collectible items he wants in exchange for one of his random gifts.

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