WoW News - Achievement Progress Expectations and the FoK Proposed Nerf

Updated Tue, Aug 18, 2009 by Stow

An interesting topic came up in the WoW Official Forums about how achievements are meant to be accomplished. Many of our achievements are obtained after we're far outclassing the level of gear the boss drops, and Ghostcrawler gives us the rundown on how Blizzard looks at it.

Also of note is how violent the rogue response has been to the proposed nerf of 30% to Fan of Knives damage, and the removal of the interrupt aspect from Throwing Specialization. Many guilds and raids rely on this combination to nullify groups of spell casters and now not only is that no longer an option, but the option's damage is now far worse. Will this stay in? Will we Rogues be limited once more to single target skull cracking and AFK'ing through area of effect trash pulls? We will find out.

You can see the full discussion on the Achievement and Fan of Knives vs. Yogg nerf discussion here!

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