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Loading... is the premier daily MMORPG news and commentary newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer. Server queues are trouble enough, but when we get a chance to go to our version of Mecca, we’re...

Loading... is the premier daily MMORPG news and commentary newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer.

Server queues are trouble enough, but when we get a chance to go to our version of Mecca, we’re hit with lines that make a Thessala Hydra look tame in comparison. But the majority of the lines are pointed into the various Blizzard swag shops, where items are bought and then resold on eBay for twice their actual worth. Has BlizzCon really become Bli$$Con? Read about this and more in today's Loading... Bli$$Con 2009.

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Lines, lines, everywhere a line. Not that last year's BlizzCon didn't have it's own trouble with lines, but the problem is magnfied by 1/3rd more people this year, and Blizzard might have crossed a tipping point where the format becomes completely unwieldy. In typical game developer fashion, rather than solving the problem outright by, say, renting out the LA Convention Center and Staples Center, Blizzard chose to make the problem a little more bearable by taking up the entire basement of the Anaheim convention center (so at least the line is in dry, air conditioned comfort, rather than the harrowing 70 degree and sunny SoCal climate here), and apparently offering a mini-game to let people entertain themselves in line (though I didn't actually see anyone playing). The registration line moved admirably quickly, however, and we left in search of other lines.

Lines for The Guild meetup in the Hilton last night, lines for restaurants. The line to get into the convention wrapped all around the convention center before the doors opened this morning at 10am, inevitably creating another line to get into the Blizzard store. What's particularly troubling to the real fans here is how much is bought just to re-sell on Ebay. Of particular concern is the nutty little exclusive plushies - why not put one of these in the Swag Bag rather than the Starcraft 2 "noobz" figurine that most of us didn't really want? The problem isn't limited to the store, either. Someone mentioned that Summit ticket packages, those reeserved for prominent guild leaders and fansites, were going for $5k on eBay just before the event.

The rest of the swag bag was fairly disappointing too, leading to grumbles about how Blizzard had hiked the ticket price and cut back hugely on many of the big reasons to attend, namely with the DirectTV and Internet streaming video and the disappointing swag. BlizzCon seems to be becoming Bli$$Con in more ways than one. Even this year's lanyards are bits of silvery tight-wound giftwrap ribbon that seem likely to pop and send your badge flying should you snag it in a crowd.

But gamers are nothing if not good at complaining. One big, unexpected announcement would redress a hundred wrongs. Will BlizzCon's true cataclysm be nothing but Cataclysm? We'll find out in a few hours, so keep it tuned to Ten Ton Hammer and join the crowd in the forums or email me.

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