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Exclusive Champions Online Launch Interview

Updated Mon, Aug 31, 2009 by Sardu

The last few days leading up to a major MMOG launch is an exciting time for the developers and fans alike, and Champions Online is no exception. Ten Ton Hammer recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Roper to discuss the end of the open beta, the importance of player feedback and what kind of content updates players can look forward to once the game officially launches on September 1st, including a sneak peak at the Blood Moon event coming this October.

Ten Ton Hammer: There’s been some really solid feedback from the beta so far; I’ve been able to see some of the genuine impact it’s had on gameplay improvements over the past number of months. How integral do you feel player feedback is moving forward after launch?

Bill Roper: Easily as much as it was in beta, and once you go live it becomes even more important. There was a time basically during the beta where we decided that we needed to start treating everything like it’s live, and we’re actually servicing the game as though we’d launched. I think what you’ve seen through the beta – for us – it was also kind of a beta for how we’re treating our players moving forward.

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