CO: Cryptic Launches Champions Store

By Reuben Waters -

When it was first announced that Champions Online would incorporate micro-transactions, a red flag was thrown up for many gamers that believe MTs and subscription MMOGs should never mix. Even after our exclusive interview on the subject many of the game’s fans remained skeptical, noting that until we could see exactly what the online store had to offer there really would be no way of knowing just how strong a presence the items purchased through MTs might ultimately have.

It seems that many of those fears can finally be put to rest, as the Champions Store has gone live and can be accessed on the official site. The currently crop of items consists of 2 series of collectible action figures which can be picked up for 80 Cryptic Points each. The first series features wee versions of game’s namesake supergroup, the Champions, while the second includes some real gems such as pirates and army soldiers.

While it remains to be seen how often the Champions Store will be updated with a wider variety of options, at least for now it looks as though you need not worry about a gimped costume selection or game-breaking item enhancements within the live game due to MTs.

To take a look at the shiny new Champions Store, click here!

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